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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making something out of Nothing

Lapin au Jardin   watercolor/mixed   10 x 16
As the mother of three sons, I became quite adept, come dinner hour, at making something out of nothing. And my three friends, with a total of 10 sons became likewise skilled. Boy oh boy oh boy.
In making art, I have become a fan of the same pursuit. You just need to start with a "spark". In my paintings, I often start with a free errant stroke that will jump-start my imagination and keep me out of the "itty bitties". But, I believe you have to start with a given. In watercolor class last week, we tried this little trick: A heavy wash of watercolor is placed somewhat strategically on the paper. Wadded up sheets of plastic wrap are placed on the surface. Heavy books are placed on the top and the paper is left to dry for a day. (don't peek!) When the plastic wrap is removed, graceful textured mottling is left on the paper.....those marks can become anything you want them to be! In "Lapin au Jardin", the border area was worked out of this technique. Gardens are chaotic. So is life with lots of boys.

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