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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artist Time

Early...a sketch
Artist time is commonly referred to as "whenever". I'm afraid that there is some truth to that stereotype. I spent at least half of my life being late. After some not-so-nice results from my tardiness, I have resolved to mend my ways. I didn't think about the fact that it was rude to others......I didn't think about the stress that it would cause others. For me, it is the direct result of my tunnel vision. I love living in the present moment, and I seem to be able to experience a bit of flow in whatever-the-present-task. The notion of not concentrating on the immediate is a bit foreign to me. And planning out little blocks of time and limiting my time in each block was abhorrent. I am....the new me. I now try to adhere to the little blocks of time and try to estimate the time each task will take. And, most importantly, my whole life is organized to try to allow my painting block the maximum of time. O.K. That being said, my fixation with being on time has been overdone. I was an hour early for a meeting in March. Red Dot Project is housed in an old press building in is constructed a bit like the old 1950's school building. When I realized my error, I sat down on the cement floor near the entry where early spring sun was streaming in. I drew my own shoes and allowed myself the time to really consider all of the shadows and all of the subtleties. It was March 17, as I am wearing my shamrock socks. The session was a treat. However, I was happy to move to a comfortable chair when the meeting hour later.

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