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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Architectural Rosette   watercolor
I guess I am attracted to all-things-handmade, especially things that are carved from wood.....or even those molded in iron.....or things pressed into copper.....or...........let's just say that I like relief work. Painting one of these objects is a wonderful exercise as we learn all about 3-dimensionality on a flat painting surface. Those parts that are closest to the light source, and to us as viewers, will have a lighter treatment. Those parts that receive the least light will be the darkest. And then there are the areas in-between, whose rising and falling make the image believable. Old architectural pieces offer much in the way of painting relief, as do kitchen molds, egg cartons and muffin cups. Hopefully, we will be able to translate what we learn into the topography of the human figure, a still life painting or a landscape. An even more challenging task would be to render some abstract marks using our watch them rise and fall from the painting surface. Awesome.

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