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Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Equinox

Easter Basket   watercolor   12 x 9.5
Seasonal flow is reflected in my work, and probably in the work of most artists. I am stimulated by what I see around me and how I feel. We are lucky here in Northeast Ohio as we are treated to a veritable smorgasbord of weather and temperature conditions, each sliding into the next without too many drastic changes. A new season brings a new way of feeling, dressing, traveling and cooking. Plus, the seasonal changes allow for a multitude of still life subjects. I cannot conceive of painting a summer scene in the just won't happen. For me, any unrealized seasonal paintings will simply have to be put off until the next year. I enjoy the flow of it all. For our last painting session in my Kent Community Education class, we painted Easter baskets. We had all manner of exciting elements, as participants enthusiastically contributed from their collections. I like the light going through the jelly beans.....makes them more magical. The foil wrappings on chocolates are so beautiful to me....the folds as well as the patterns. Our back yard this time of year is usually foggy in the early morning....our children spent many Easter mornings searching for eggs in the fog in their pajamas. This memory triggered the memory of a wonderful watercolor artist Catherine Anderson  whose mystical watercolor landscapes are achieved by multiple subtle washes of color. Her work gives me that "Easter feeling".

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