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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Define Painter...

Paint Brush (labor series)   watercolor   8.5 x 14
There are many kinds of painters. Recently, my studio has been emptied....closed down....for a couple of weeks for home improvements and painting. Bummer. I have been avoiding it for several years, but it had to be done. Instead of painting, I have been watching my husband paint the walls and woodwork. Over the years, he has developed a seemingly effortless stroke....knowing just how much paint should be on the brush, and manipulating the brush in a rhythmic and sleight-of- hand fashion. No matter what task we are performing, repeating the action again and again gives us an ease and relaxation that not only aids the task, but also beckons us into "flow". Muscle memory is involved. Beginners often over-control and choke up on their brushes and pens, causing a stilted and awkward movement. Those who are more comfortable, with many hours under their smocks and painter's pants, move their hands up toward the handle tip, allowing more freedom, more expression and a lightness of touch. They hold the brush more loosely. Muscle memory is involved as well. So, for a while I am dedicated to endless cleanup and selecting of new colors. It has been said that you learn a lot in the off-season. "Paint Brush" - Labor Series can be seen at Hudson Fine Art and Framing.

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