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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Perspective

Last evening was the first of my drawing class where we plan to pay special attention to perspective. Let the wild rumpus begin! We began by considering the truths of perspective:

TO KEEP IN MIND.................

Distortion of subjects is the result of the position you take up when drawing. Three simple principles to remember are:

1. Objects viewed flat on have correct height and width but distorted depth.

2. Objects viewed at an angle have correct height but distorted width and depth.

3. Objects viewed close up have distorted width, height and depth. tell you the truth, I might as well be reading an insurance manual to see if my root canal is covered! It is hard to put into words that which you know visually!

We will be studying one-point perspective for a couple of weeks....that which is face-forward, directly in front of us. We will consider what happens to the object as it moves further back into space. We were all amazed at the tricks that our minds play on us.....i.e. we know that the book is taller than it is wide......but when we draw the book laying down at least 3' from us, the length becomes much shorter than the width......our drawing-what-we-know-to-be-true-brains are being challenged!

Must save some week we are tacking teacups and ellipses!

Feel like joining us?

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