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Monday, July 13, 2009


Buddies   oil/canvas   20 x 10 x .5
We live close to Mogadore Reservoir which is a rich source of beautiful outdoor images....lots of fishermen, canoes, hikers, explosive light and memories. I have memories of hiking the trail in snow that was over two feet. There are running memories, bike memories, swan memories, so-many-varieties-of-ducks memories, ice memories and canoe rental memories. It is always great to have a buddy with whom to enjoy these outdoor experiences. And it can be a four-legged buddy! My challenge in this painting was to squeeze all of my story into a vertical format....I just love challenging tradition in this way, and I also love vertical formats....period......It is always difficult to surpass the notion of local color, which I believe is the key to creating more magical environments. Pushing the color envelope just a bit can enrich both the painting and viewing experiences. Cases in point: Wolf Kahn and Charles Basham. Their work inspired me for "Buddies".

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