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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Children of the World

Girl with Hat...a sketch
Children are wiggly and wonderful! Children represent our future. And, for me, children display a purity and innocence only possible before culture indoctrinates them with "shoulds" and all forms of us-versus-them. If only we could emulate their openness! These days our influence is world-wide. The world is indeed growing smaller as our exposure to other worlds and other cultures has opened up by means of media. What a wonderful thing! In my earlier art days, I would park myself unobtrusively in corners of waiting rooms at hospitals and malls and attempt to draw these squirmy creatures...what a task. "Girl with hat" was drawn quickly at a Native American festival held outdoors at Kent State University.....funny how the experience of doing the drawing becomes fused with the drawing itself! My daughter-in-law gets to travel the globe in her job as a designer with The Tea Collection, which infuses other-culture influences into children's apparel. Their new Japan collection is being unveiled with a video....check it out! Squirmy. Wormy. Lively. Jumpy. Active. Lovely.

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