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Monday, August 24, 2009

Have Sketchbook Will Travel...

two gentlemen from Charlottesville

CharloMy handbag weighs a ton. It's true....I travel with a lot of baggage. But I would rather lug this thing around any day and be prepared for drawings that reveal themselves to me than be left sketchbook-less. This past weekend we traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia for a birthday visit with our youngest son who lives, works and runs in this charming community. The old bricked pedestrian mall is a most wonderful place to sip strong coffee, eat raisin scones, people-watch and, most importantly, people-sketch. It makes me deliriously happy to spend time this way. I usually start 2 or 3 drawings and work on them simultaneously. This allows for changes in position from the unsuspecting models that would leave me waiting. After years of drawing in public venues, I have come to realization that said unsuspecting model will return to the same 2 or 3 comfort positions ad infinitum. Although my little drawings are far from complete, I am happy with their spirits. Gentleman 1 was involved in a fairly deep religious and/or philosophical conversation with a friend. They were intense. I don't believe that they noticed me at all. Gentleman 2 was a gentle-looking young man who had stopped to sip some java and peruse the Sunday morning newspaper. I don't think that Gentleman 1 and Gentleman 2 knew how much their mere presence moved me. Gloria.

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michele said...

Hi Linda! I lived in Charlottesville for 7 years and loved "the corner" where people would walk and congregate!
I love your work and enjoy your blog as well!!
Take care,
Michele Waalkes