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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Linda in Fur Hat   watercolor   16.5 x 10.5
I love the uncommon, the unexpected. Those events are so very memorable. This summer in the eastern Midwest was an uncommon summer...extraordinarily cool and comfortable. The trend continues into autumn. I spent yesterday digging out winter apparel.....put quite simply, we are cold. The temperature last weekend in Chicago for the marathon was in the low 30's. Here in the Akron/Cleveland area, the weather is much the same. No sunny sparkling 70-degree crisp autumn days this year! Just as every person has a story, every painting has a story. "Linda in Fur Hat" is my only watercolor painting done on 100 percent rag mat board. I read about someone doing it so I thought I would give it a try. The results were not nearly as malleable as I am used to. The paint soaked right pushing and pulling it around. I guess those whose work is more akin to preserving detail would appreciate this surface. We had paired up in watercolor class across from each other but were supposed to have a Halloween mask. Linda really didn't seem up for this exercise and came ill-prepared, but was able to rummage up a fur hat from her car. That was many years ago. I am fairly satisfied with the results. Cold weather. Halloween. Fur Hats. I remember that session. I remember Linda.

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