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Monday, October 26, 2009


Witch Mask   watercolor
Concoction is a wonderful word that conjures up images of a witch's brew. But, really, it is just a mixture of one's own making. We painters who paint from reality often use that reality as a crutch, I think. Myself included. By making up an image, we are able to pursue art and mark-making with no known precedent....thereby entering the territory of questionable rights and wrongs. Of course, good design principles will hopefully guide us. There are a few artists I know who routinely make things up. Their imaginations seem to be more accessible, closer to the surface. Judy Gaiser and Jana Volkmer are a couple. "Witch" was painted from memory of a mask I had as a child. It was delightfully sculpted and textured, and had an unforgettable smell from the rubber from which it was made. I could actually smell it as I painted. 'Tis the season for concoctions....don't you think?

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