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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Purgatory Ain't Nothin' But The Blues

During the weeks of altered Christmas reality, where I seem obsessed with making lists and sub-lists of those lists, an image from the newspaper caught my time for this....remain on current list-track.....can't help is powerful and amazing......there before me was an article by Dorothy Shinn reviewing an exhibit by former Akronite and always-my-hero-and-inspiration Tyrone Geter. By the time the article appeared, the exhibit was almost over. We made it into the little-known-and-had-to-be-unlocked gallery on the last day, January 4. This man and his work bowl me over! His drawing skills are extraordinary. His expressiveness beyond compare. The resultant charcoals speak, yet softly, across a room. These newer works combined collage, with torn and cut paper, and assemblage with his drawing and painting. Beautifully-constructed boxes held some of the work. His heritage and his elevated consciousness are beautifully told. For a short while, I was transported into his world. What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Tyrone Geter, for your stories. Thank you, Tyrone Geter, for sharing your growth with Akron.........Thanks..............I needed that.

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