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Monday, February 1, 2010

more than I ever wanted to know about pinecones....Quiet Conversation..

Quiet Conversation   watercolor   9 x 13
Not really, but drawing or painting any object is really the only way to begin to understand its nature, its rhythm.  The beginning of the painting is always the most sets the stage for me, the mood.  If that beginning is not loose, not rich, and doesn't offer lots of possibilities, I would sooner quit.  So, you see, the pine cone  photo from the last session is really the most important one.  It is not possible to start tight then go looser.  It is only possible to start with wild childlike enthusiasm, then gradually rein it in.

During my second session with this painting, which was at home, I continued to work on:  defining the color temperature; working towards more darks, and also towards more texture.  The temperature was a surprise (YES!) as I really did think that this painting would have a warm dominance.  But as I worked along, the cooler hues were thrilling me more, and setting off the slight warmth of the cones themselves.  Also, I continued to describe areas throughout with crisp well-defined edges that, hopefully, would aid to lead the eye around the composition.  And, there was also the relationship between the two cones on the left, one in front of the other, that needed definition by using dominance.  I am guessing that this second session was about an hour and a half.  Still feeling excited.......

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