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Monday, February 22, 2010

W.A.R.M.s my heart......

Generous   watercolor   17.75 x 12.25
Artists are barraged with requests to donate artwork.  Sometimes it is exhausting....therefore, we must be selective and truly support those organizations in which we believe.  In this "having" culture of ours, women and children are sometimes considered to be possessions(Erich Fromm To Have or to Be).  Sad but true.  Women are still abused and battered.  Also true.  The majority of students in art schools are women.  Yet the opposite remains true as far as gallery representation:  the great majority are men.  In my 1960's hippie girl days, I believed that we had reached a turning point in equality.  Not so.  Change takes a long time.  Minds are not easily educated. President Obama is still trying to legislate equal pay for women.  Evolution  grinds slowly.  We Americans love to possess things.  

Standing Rock Cultural Arts and Women's Art Recognition Movement (W.A.R.M.) is sponsoring its 9th Annual Silent Auction to benefit safer futures and the Portage County Battered Women's Shelter.  Lots of artwork to bid on.  The opening is Saturday, March 6 at 8 pm.  at the North Water Street Gallery....257 N. Water Street in Kent, Ohio.  The auction and the bidding end at 5 pm on Saturday, March 20.  Gallery Hours are Thursday-Saturdays 1-5 pm.  Call 330.673.4970 or 330.686.9800 for further information.

I think Mrs. Bryner would approve.

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