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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is harder to paint than flowers?...

White Rose Pair   watercolor   6.5 x 20
Nothing, in my opinion.  Although flowers are a popular subject matter for painters, I don't do them much at all.  First of all, I would rather have the real thing in a vase.  Secondly, they just don't provide a spark for me.  And, last, they are so darned difficult to paint.....each bloom is extremely complex in its formation, not to mention the bending of the form to and from the light source that gives it credibility.  Throw in another 8 or 9 blooms and you have a real headache....many decisions to be made as far as a focal point, leading flower actor and supporting blooms.  This week in both of my watercolor classes we will be painting flowers in honor of the love day.  Tonight's class in Kent we will be doing small 5 x 7 paintings of single blooms.....this class just started and we will be easing into larger things.  At Cuyahoga Valley Art Center next Monday, we will tackle "a bouquet that you would like to give to yourself".....a more complex problem for artists who have been painting a while.  No plastic please.  Wish us luck.

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