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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Embracing Our Differences...

Spirits Conjoined   oil/canvas   40 x 30 x 1.5
One of my paintings "Spirits Conjoined" has been accepted into Embracing Our Differences, an outdoor billboard show......each of the 39 works selected will be made into a billboard!  These billboards will be on display in April at Island Park, Sarasota, Florida and in May in South Sarasota County.  I am so very pleased to have a work included in this exhibit, as, really, this whole issue of beautiful and loving differences is so very important to me.  Since we were children, both girls and boys, our culture through our families has spoon-fed the "ideal" to us....what we should be and how we should act and what we should do with our lives.  Those of us who varied from this path often felt guilty and suffered some consequences.....I was often told, "Your average person would never think that...."    I have never striven to be average. And I hope my readers will never either.  And what is average anyways?  I look to our children who are more accepting of deviation from this norm.....more accepting in general of differences.  Evolution cannot speed up enough for me.

For a look at the artwork selected and to read about the exhibit, visit:  embracing our differences.

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