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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing Beats Observation...

Eggs of a Different Color   watercolor/gouache   8.5 x 13
Observing objects through glass, and water in a glass, is always interesting, always a surprise.  Stems of flowers appear not to connect to the stems above the water level.  The same with anything else....such as a spoon.  Actually, I have found that the easiest way to paint what is under water is to simply paint what you see rather what you think you know.  What a fun exercise this time of year when we are coloring eggs anyways....I always have loved this is somewhat magical....waiting for the color to intensify...transforming the whiteness into spectacular color.  In "Eggs of a Different Color" I kept the glasses and the eggs transparent and worked a bit of opacity into the background.  My goal in so doing, was to juxtapose the two elements, hopefully making the transparent appear to be even more so.  I'm not sure that part was all that successful, but I still enjoy the painting.  

Colored eggs are the best.

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