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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Directionality of Line...

Moroccan Man...a sketch
I am a big fan of using the direction of line to support my intent.  In this case, of course,  my "hand" is always visible to the viewer.  For me, this is refreshing and supports the collaboration between artist and sitter.  There are those whose lines are so very fine and so very smudged that prefer to let the sitter shine and for them, the artist, to remain invisible.  Although line can be used in painting, one can take advantage of this useful design element more easily in drawing.  In the case of "Moroccan Man" I used the line to support the direction of the form, or that part of the form that I was trying to describe.  Most of the texture is in the face.  I chose to leave the head wrap smooth and plain, thereby using texture/no texture as another design feature.  This stuff spins my fan.  

In the beginning, I believed that there was only one correct line - the one that more accurately described the contour of the form.  Hallelujah..........there are infinite ways to use line, and endless possibilities.  Sign me up.

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