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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock Stahs...

Rock Stah   oil/canvas   30 x 24 x .75
can be found in every endeavor.  (this fun pronunciation of star was stimulated by a recent trip to Boston....and every since then, my brain has been having fun by translating all kinds of words into "Bostonese")  These are the folks that shake things up, that rise to top, that refuse to settle into a comfort zone.  Yeah yeah yeah.  In our culture, rock stars rock....we know them and sometimes they are more recognizable to us than our lawmakers.  And we know the words to their songs.  I love discovering new musicians.  And I really love discovering new painters that feel like rock stahs to me.  Check out Nicholas Simmons.  He is a bold and fearless painter.  He savors all of the processes in the work of the painting.  The accidents become part of the work itself.  He reminds me to take the undiscovered road by actively painting standing up even in the difficult medium of watercolor.

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