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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Jailhouse Rick   oil/canvas   10 x 30 x .5
is the Cherokee word for husband.  And, so, this day I pay tribute to my dear one with whom I have shared my life.  Everyone knows that being an artist is difficult.....the folks, like me,  who, for the most part, have chosen a life of "being" over a life of "having".  Being the partner of an artist is just as difficult.....and just as rewarding.  In a life full of crazy-makers, my partner is my calm and my best audience.  As we are both visually oriented, our language is often unspoken, but felt strongly.  He is also my most willing model.  We have been blessed with three wonderful sons who have loving partners, a magnificent garden, and loyal friends whose values mesh with our own. 

Gvgeyui, both a noun and a verb, is the Cherokee word for all that encompasses love.

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