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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fourth Pass...

Banquet...fourth day...fine tuning
was spent in fine tuning that which had already been considered...only detail work.  More definition in places.  Reestablishing shapes that had run amuk.  This took one day.  I knew that bigger changes were in store down the road as larger more important concepts such as harmony, temperature, movement and overall feel had yet to be considered.  I was still playing it safe at this point....coloring in the lines, so to speak.

In looking at these last two small images, in fact, no changes are distinctly noticeable.


waldo451 said...

I'm so glad you mentioned in your last post that the changes from pass 3-4 were not very obvious. For awhile, I thought it was one of those subtle shifts that they do with the pictures in the Sunday Magazines..."can you spot the difference?" Frankly, given the small size of the image, I couldn't see much difference.

linda hutchinson said...

Hi is definitely true. I am hoping to present the progression in a larger format as a slide show at the end. The changes will be easier to see. That all depends, of course, on my extremely limited techie ability. Will See. Thanks for your comment.