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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Susan's Sunflowers   watercolor   13.75 x 10
present themselves constantly in our lives if and when we are paying attention.  Painting to the season is something I enjoy particularly.  Although I don't often paint flowers, and, in fact, don't really enjoy floral paintings, I am drawn to sunflowers and their majestic presence in mid-July.  We had a few this year and I had every intention of spending a day on them and had already toned a vertical canvas.  But obligations of other sorts consumed my time.  When I was ready, they were done.  Oh well.  There is always next year.  I painted "Susan's Sunflowers" in watercolor last year during a demonstration at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.  My friend and colleague Susan Mencini had brought this beautiful bouquet.  My own set up was decidedly inferior, so I looked on at what she had brought.  Thank you, Susan.

1 comment:

susan mencini said...

You have 'taught' me well to paint to the seasons and I love it.
I still have a few sunflowers blooming, longing to be painted. Maybe there is still time:).