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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tale of Two Betties...

Betty Crawford   oil/canvas   20 x 16 x .5

Betty Wolfe   oil/canvas   20 x 16 x .5
I have had the privilege this month of painting two women named Betty.  Both Betties are fixtures in the Akron area arts community.  Betty C. is a painter and frequent volunteer at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center....she is often the smiling face behind the desk.  Betty W. is also a painter whose work is often seen at regional exhibits.  These small works were created in my summer "Painting the Human Figure" class.  The canvasses were pre-toned.  That allows for a more finished presentation, even if the work remains somewhat unresolved due to the time constraints of the class.  Both works consisted of 2-2 hour in classes live sessions and 1-1 hour session using a photo at home.  This last session helps me to purify somewhat the flesh tones that have become muddied; to repair glaring drawing errors; and to consider rhythms utilizing hard or soft edges.  I am happy with each one.  And I also love the Betties.....

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