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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have Sketchbook Will Travel...

Chicago O'Hare...a sketch
Life presents many wonderful opportunities for travel...most recently, it was the marriage of our son on the west coast.  My first thoughts in preparing for a trip always have to do with my art-making.  Painting provides my way of maneuvering through the difficulties that life presents.  Quite simply, it is an addiction.  It is difficult for me to do without the wonder that art-making provides.  Sketching fits the bill.  A small sketchbook and set of pencils is always at the ready in my bag.  An unexpected delay of 4 hours at Chicago O'Hare provided the opportunity to observe and sketch many weary travelers, myself included.  Although most of the sketches remain unfinished and unresolved in so many ways, the freedom of the mark-making and the resultant calming are ever-present.  When a book is filled with sketches, there is always a pleasure in returning to this visual diary.  For a visual person, there is nothing better.

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