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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ah, mom, do we have to eat our veggies?

One-point perspective drawing
I liken a lesson on perspective to eating our veggies when we are we really have to?  The artists in our Thursday drawing class are really very good....good at prioritizing the forms, good with shadowing, good with values and good with rhythms.  It was only when I realized that the lack of knowledge regarding one-point and two-point perspective was interfering with our success, that I decided to devote a couple of lessons to it.  In the past, I have done an entire 8-week class on these basics.  Last week we took on the one-point....objects placed directly in front of us that recede to vanishing point on the horizon which is at our eye level.  The vanishing point would then represent an imaginary spot (at least I hope so) directly between our eyes.  My subject was an enamelware pan.  As I prefer any composition with both organic and geometric shapes, I put two apples in the back of the pan.  The lighting in the classroom was overhead.  I tried to shift the focal area to the back of the pan.  Indicating the chips on the enamel was fun and, hopefully, helped to indicate the material from which the pan was constructed.

Broccoli really isn't so bad after all.

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