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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, kids, let's have a show!...

Visionary   watercolor/mixed on paper   11 x 17
Those were my favorite lines on the Spanky and Our Gang television show when I was a kid!  Who can forget Alphafa singing, "I'm the Barber of Seville" in his screechy voice?  And, so, the four Akron area art groups come together once a year for a juried exhibition.  The postcard this year is my design.  The idea came to me in my sleep and I was simply unable to go anywhere else with the concept.  My friend with three young sons came over for a photo shoot on my patio where I posed and photographed the boys in various ways with a kaleidoscope.  I ended up using some shots of the youngest whose hands cupping his eyes seemed more naive and, in some ways, more interesting without a prop.  The figure was rendered in watercolor pencil.  The three circular motifs were done by reduction printing.  Watercolor washes were added to tie it altogether.  The color palette of an acid green, turquoise and ultramarine spun my fan, or, in this case, my wheel.  I call it "Visionary".

Seeing as a child.  Excited by the oh-so-many possibilities.  The joy of singing without caring about perfection.  I love you, Alphalfa!

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