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Monday, December 6, 2010

Feetured Artists..

my feet...a sketch
On Thursday last the artists in drawing class drew our own feet!  Believe me, there were lots of complaints!  .....of having feet like Bilbo Baggins and Fred Flintstone....feet so dexterous that they can pick up objects from the artist too shy and cold to reveal anything at all...and my own high-arched complaint of never feeling quite grounded.  All in all, it was very wonderful.  We noticed tendons.  We noticed negative space.  Each and every drawing is animated and demonstrates a lively interaction between the two feet.  I thought of creating a matching game with posted faces and feet drawings.....that would have involved far too much work and, perhaps, a bit too much exposure.  Instead, we have a slide show of feet!

Enjoy our feet.  Enjoy our drawings.  Ah.....the thrill of da feet.

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