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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Fallow   watercolor/mixed   25.75 x 11
It seems that there are purists in almost every detail of habitation these days. All cotton.  Strictly organic.  And transparent watercolor.  I'm afraid that I am a mutt.  Mixing it up in every way possible...especially if that seems to be the way to achieve what I am after.  "Fallow" started off as a watercolor for our class challenge of a vertical landscape.  After simplifying and reestablishing countless times, I introduced gouache....then watercolor pencils....then pastel...more watercolor....then a Lyra watersoluable grafit-kreide.  This work is about as far away from my usual as can be.  And, yet, the feel of this work is exactly the image inhabiting my brain ever since that Sunday walk down my road, the day that I needed to procure an image for the upcoming class.  Feel.  Important.

Yet, I feel a bit of guilt that I was unable to resolve the problem with pure watercolor.  Oh well.  I might just drown my sorrows with a slice of  smoked Gouda....or possibly Velveeta.

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