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Thursday, March 17, 2011


So Young Worries   watercolor/mixed with gold leaf   15.5 x 10
current slang for shiny things, is a distraction.  Shiny things attract crows as well.  I was inspired by Picasso's "Woman With a Crow" done in watercolor, pastel and charcoal in 1904 and owned by The Toledo Museum of Art.  I love everything about it...its simplicity, the soft caress of the woman's hand, the colors, the elongated fingers.  Some pictures just move us....who knows why?  Maybe it stirs up something in the memory.  Perhaps it indicates a place we would like to inhabit artistically or emotionally.  I painted "So Young Worries" d'apres Picasso.  My work is done also in watercolor, pastel and charcoal.  The gold coin is gold leaf applied.  I guess I feel that we are too often distracted by bling and all it represents.  It really keeps us from knowing ourselves.  To have or to be.

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