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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The inner unconscious world...

Bartlett Pear   watercolor and thread on paper   5 x 8
the one we're not directly in contact with or in control of - that's the one I try and privilege.
                                                                                                 Charlotte Rampling, actress

Here here.  I was privileged to lead a program Monday eve on "A Pear is a Pear is a Pear" at the Medina Art League.  Due to time limitations, we created 8 small paintings, very quickly painted, with the pear as our subject.  Oh, the possibilities!
     1. vanilla....blah, blah, blah.  The pear painted as seen using local color.
     2. daring do.  We worked on this one throughout the session beginning with unlikely colors
          and dare we?
     3. feeling edgy.  Manipulating hard and soft edges to tell different stories
     4. the thermostat....some artists worked on warm dominant paintings, and the others cool
     5. curly or straight?  some artists worked on texture within the pear form, and others texture in
         the background
     6. the feng shui way...bringing the outside (the form) in and inside out
     7. towing the line....adding a straight line to the organic pear form to offer strength
     8. color power...utilizing both pure hues and neutrals

My goal was to illustrate the possibilities inherent in the design principles and to help artists to prioritize what key ingredients please them in order to make their art more personal.  It was a rousing session with so many great little beginnings! (especially those of a 3rd grade art teacher)

Rum raisin, anyone?

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