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Friday, April 8, 2011

Life and Art...

Fourteen   pastel/paper   23.5 x 17
I become elated when art intertwines with everyday life and becomes a bit disengaged from the elite sector.  That is one of the reasons why I love street art so much.  And, let's face it, artists spring from that part of life that is all about the essential, the important, the work that creates, often counter to the destructiveness that surrounds us daily.  And all without regard to pesos.  (of course, pesos do help) Art elevates.  Art enchants.  Art saves.  And so I am particularly delighted to have my work shown at Clip Art Salon and Gallery over the next several months.  Owner Denise Pepe has shown local artists for years in her salon.  She has given many artists a great start, myself included.

Clip Art Salon and Gallery
1165 E. Tallmadge Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44310

Stop by for a color or a cut.  Stop by to become elevated.

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