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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

and it's HOT HOT HOT...

Red Gold   oil/canvas   6 x 6 x 1.5
here in Northeast Ohio.  Our old 150-year-old dwelling has no air conditioning so the fans are at full tilt and begging for mercy.  The good news is that the heat and humidity have been superb growing conditions for the garden.  The first tomatoes are off the vine this week.  Yum.

All forms present their own particular problems in painting.  Circles.  Circles.  Circles.  Without hard and soft edges, the forms become too self-enclosed for me, preventing the movement around the painting.  I have learned this over the years with repeated efforts at painting pumpkins.  I love to play off these circles with line...the vines...and with texture...the leaves and the small buds at the tops.  For me, these considerations have improved my tomato painting efforts.

Add balsamic vinegar, soft mozzarella, salt or mayonnaise.  Life is good.

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