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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Kitchen Mix   Watercolor   10 x 10
were the topic, the seed, for conceptualizing and design in both my watercolor and drawing classes.  The choice of tools as well as the number was up to the individual artist, hopefully providing each artist with enough commitment to do well on the project.  ( versus a topic selected only by me which might be difficult for all to relate and commit to)  The results speak for themselves.  These artists work hard and are serious-minded.  The results are varied.  Those who are beginners were encouraged to render only one item.  Those with more experience were encouraged to use more items which exponentially increases the complexity of the composition.  I see sensitivity.  Great design work.  Fabulous results.  I am so happy that each artist pursued his/her own vision.

Tools are personal and soulful by nature.  Add to that a willing artist.  I do not value a dozen cloned photorealistic works nearly as much as a dozen individual interpretations.  Enter emotion. Va-voom.

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