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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jo - Session 2

Jo   Session 2
First off, my apologies for a really lousy photo.  I was impatient.  The natural light in my studio was next to nothing...a really gray day.  Shutter stayed open for way too long.  The painting has moved on since this chance for a re-do.  Anyways, session 2 was about 3-4 hours.  Because of the 3-4 day lapse since the first session, I was assured that my original strokes were solid.  My goals were simply to come in for more detail in particular junctures; to assess and correct color; and to establish viable rhythms in the work.  All the while, I try to avoid painting over passages that were exciting to me from the first session.  Things happened easily in this work which is not always the case.  I was very satisfied with the underplayed countenance.  The background color went to a darker turquoise, almost teal.  A good painting day.

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