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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Informed Chaos...sends the work in a new direction.Pearody

Pearody   oil/canvas   8 x 24 x 1.5
For years now, I have been introducing a bit of chaos to my work.  Chaos in the way of subtle destruction, dripping, squeezing paint onto, scraping back, palette knife additions or subtractions, dots and lines.  This chaos provides a way of temporarily exiting the constraints of the reality of the subject matter.  New puzzles to solve.  Excitement.  The extra-ordinary.  I have come to realize that this chaos is not necessarily random...rather, it is informed.  Informed by all that I have come to be.  My experiences, my travels, my dreams,  my passions and, most importantly, the varied movements made with brush or pen on the artistic ground.  Keeping the tool moving without any particular goal while doodling, sketching and playing lets the confidence build in your own capability.  Play becomes the thing, the reward.  The more one plays, the more comfortable one becomes.  The more comfortable one becomes, the greater the possibilities.  Informed.

The right hand segment of Pearody reflects this notion.  The line work was scraped through to an earlier layer.  This process was planned so that the colors reflected, for the most part, the work that was happening on the left side of the canvas.

Chaos.  Informed.


susan mencini said...

this is wonderful, bravo.

linda hutchinson said...

Thanks, Susan, for your continued support! These notions actually take quite a while to formulate and then to be able to put them into words. Perhaps this is something you have known all along.