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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two-Point Perspective...a drawing of a rocking chair

Rocking Chair...a sketch

I believe that a fair understanding of two-point perspective is necessary in order for drawings and paintings to be convincing.  Sure, we can copy photographs to the "T", but, sooner or later, errors will result, usually after that fixable point is reached, and the work will be forever marred.  (been there...done that) I did lead a complete class on two-point perspective a few years back at the art center, but the participants did their work with drudgery.  However, we all ended up with a better understanding of the rules.  To be honest, it was dry, dry, dry.  Our current drawing class tackled a chair.  The chair on the podium when we arrived was a 1950's style chair with simple planes and cushions.  But the class decided they would like to try this rocker which, to them, was far more charming.  Gads!  And much more difficult!  By visualizing each side of the chair as a flat plane, and by continual measuring and eyeballing plumb lines, a fair understanding is possible.  Even the slats that made up the back were affected by this convergence....similar to railroad tracks and fences that wind away from the viewer.  To top it off, the chair was on a high stand, which made the bottom of the chair visible.  Add to that the softening of edges for the three-dimensional result to be plausible.  Trust me, it was quite a work-out!

I guarantee that chairs will never look the same again!

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