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Monday, March 18, 2013


Nosegay   watercolor   8 x 8
Our class assignment was an arrangement of Spring flowers, harbinger of the warm and sunny weather on the horizon.  (Little did I know that winter would be hanging around for a few more weeks)  I picked up a dear little nosegay bouquet from Heinen's.  My first attempt was too bold, too aggressive...not appropriate for this tender subject matter.  The background blue was far too strong and overpowered the bouquet. As was the solidly painted orange wrapping paper.   Another attempt in my studio yielded a more satisfactory result.  Each bloom was painted separately, always a challenge for me.  The "destroy" passages were kept to a minimum and consisted mostly of some broad watery strokes designed to pull the paint outside of the bouquet and simply imply the orange paper that held it altogether.  I am more satisfied with the second attempt.  I think that a preparatory drawing would have saved the extra effort.  Note to myself:  when the subject is small and tender, the process must follow suit.  The soft notes are as important as the loud ones.

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