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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Large::Small; Horizontal::Vertical ON WORKING METHODS

Petite Zinnias  oil on canvas   12 x 4 x 1.5
For quite a while now, I have intended to write about my working methods...not that they are good for anyone else but me, but I have a desire to share them in the hopes that others just might them useful.  Making art is ongoing.  Working on one project at a time forces that project into preciousness and can lead to focusing on the finish rather than the process.  (It's like putting all of your eggs in one basket) There are usually 3 or more paintings in my rotation.  There may be days between passes on a particular work.  I find that this method allows me a consideration of each that is not possible in a more finish-driven environment.  Some paintings lag behind others, and usually rightfully so....they have further to go in their resolution.  Some works are taken out of the rotation temporarily until I feel a renewed interest. Oils need to be rubbed with medium before starting in days later.  Watercolors sprayed lightly in order to avoid the tightness that results from working on dry paper.  It is indeed difficult to enter into the rhythm of a work at a later date, but I believe that the benefits of consideration are well worth this difficulty.

Likewise, I like to vary the format of a work....horizontal one work and vertical another.  Standard rectangles seem boring to me for the most part.  And then there is scale.  Working on a large project with large brushes and big sweeping strokes might then be followed with a smaller, tighter work.  Oil paintings are countered with watercolors and drawings.  All of this variation keeps me interested.  It keeps me feeling enthusiastic about the problems to solve.  To some, I might be dancing all over the boards.  But to me, the novelty of this way of working keeps me fresh, alive, interested.

What's up for today?  Tackling a square is good.

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