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Monday, November 18, 2013

All That Glistens

All That Glistens   oil on burlap on canvas with gold leaf   24 x 18 x 1.5
was an experiment that, I think, turned out well.  I started out my fraying the edges of a piece of burlap that was roughly the same size as the canvas.  It was then glued down and rolled repeatedly.  Many many layers of gesso were painted on in order to allow the surface to receive paint, as well as to slightly (yes, slightly) smooth the very rough surface.  After painting the tree to my satisfaction, I realized that the image, although interesting, lacked a certain punch that I like.  The gold leaf circle was then applied.  That was very exciting and surprising, as the surface prevented a smooth application allowing for many small absences of the gold.  That pleased me so very much.  A happy accident!  Succinct and messy at the same time. All That Glistens is included in the holiday exhibition at Group Ten Gallery in Kent.

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