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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Chaos

Three Ornaments   watercolor   6 x 9
is part and parcel of my life at this time of almost everyone's life, probably.  Boxes of ornaments emerge from the attic and wrapping paper rolls surround shopping bags and strings of lights that always seem to be tangled.  Eventually, the chaos gives way to some sort of holiday order, designed to brighten our lives, and those of our guests, during this dark season.  "Three Ornaments" was painted as an after-Christmas exercise before these vintage glass balls were put away.  I like this painting as I feel that it was successful in portraying the translucent feel of the ornaments.  I resisted the desire to over-describe and over-paint.  This was painted on a sheet of Indian Village handmade paper that I had on hand.  It was made in India.  I haven't seen it around in a while and not sure if it is still manufactured.  It is heavy and has a distinct laid texture.  It is virtually impossible to push the paint around which is per usual on Strathmore or Arches.  The paint has settled into the grooves of the paper quite unevenly which, I think, adds to its charm.

Seeing the light reflected off of these hard surfaces gives me such much pleasure, in fact, that I am willing to deal with the chaos.

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