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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sinkside...a tribute to Marc Folly

Sinkside   watercolor   10.5 x 8
Our challenge in class was dishes and kitchen utensils in an arrangement of sorts...we dove head-first into ellipses broken up by the straight linear qualities of the utensils.  We, in our class, have been quite taken with the work of French watercolorist Marc Folly.  Ah.........the glories of the internet.  I am no exception.  His work has a fresh abstract quality that is easily admired.  He works at creating paths of light through the work....real light as well as patterned light that functions as a beautiful rhythm, leading the eye as well as the imagination.  Interestingly, an artist friend dropped off a few older copies of The French-publication The Art of Watercolour.  This lovely magazine is beefy and chock full of information minus the advertising.  As luck would have it, I happened on an article about Marc Folly and his complete surprise!  He spends lots of time on the pre-painting drawing; he begins with strong darks; and he is not afraid to scrub out!  As an oil painter as well, I saw the art-making possibilities for any medium.  "Sinkside" is my tribute to Marc Folly...and a way for me to channel his methodology.

Our chapeaux are off to Marc Folly!  (And let us not forget the "u" in watercolour!)

P.S. Please visit the work of Helen Strom of Paris who responded to this post.


Lester Miller said...

I love what you did with this ... You are so good at bringing beauty to what I would consider boring objects. I love your class !

Helen Ström said...

Hi! Nice works around here!!
Yes, Marc Folly makes lovely watercolors, but his process is far less spontaneous than it looks. At least during the workshop I did. I'll now continue to look at yours just as interesting! Thanks for sharing.

linda hutchinson said...

Helen....your work is so very tender...I hope you celebrate this essence of yourself! It seems that we always yearn for our polar opposite!