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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tucked Away

Tucked Away   Watercolor   14 x 11
is the title.  And this work was indeed tucked away for several years.  When we artists look at previous work, I believe that we cannot help but think that with our current level of experience, the work would be vastly improved.  Sometimes this is achievable...sometimes not.  If the entire work suffers from the pieces/parts syndrome (no cohesion), the work is probably best left alone....allowing for, at the very least, a recognition of what went wrong and the application of that knowledge in future work.  In this case, the fix was a bit simpler.  The cropping was wrong, in my opinion.  Too many midtones....not enough dark passages. 

 One must be aware, however, that in gains, there are also losses.  In looking at the original file, now, I see a freshness of color that was eradicated.  OK, then.

Note to self:  let sleeping paintings lie.

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