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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In The Grips

In The Grips   oil on canvas   20 x 10
we are....the coldest and snowiest winter on record here in Northeast Ohio.  One can feel a connectedness to all creatures in the face of such extreme weather.  I gain strength myself from this realization.

This small canvas was calling to be painted over.  First I sanded, then I toned.  My challenge was to use a space, a composition, that was a bit unusual.  Different problems to solve.  Other advantages as well.  Despite its smallish size, I am please with the power that this bovine has, and deserves, as a result of  its dominating volume in this composition.

As we, as a species, continue to evolve, and in due time recognize equality and respect for those of color, women and gays, there will be a time that we respect the animal kingdom as well.  The recently released footage from Mercy for Animals taken at the Wiese Brothers Dairy farm in Wisconsin saddened me beyond belief.

We::They thinking is toxic.

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