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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Clay Pots

Clay Pots   watercolor   19.5 x 11
are truly a sign of the season.  There are glazed pots, hand-painted pots, and  plastic pots (yuck). Clay pots and their patinas of absorbed minerals, water lines, irregularities, chips and fractures hold the most interest for me.  From the earth.  Sublime beauty that allows the plants within to take center stage.  This time of year, true gardeners (not myself) line up to purchase the most beautiful, rarest and healthiest varieties of plants.  Recently, I have even heard of minor scuffles over the highly-desired varieties, from gardeners who must must must have that particular plant....mine, mine, mine....all mine. 

Clay Pots was painted in transparent watercolor.  The background was painted with a gouache and watercolor mix.  I love the juxtaposition of transparency:  opacity.  I also love stacks of things.

Clay Pots celebrates the glory of early summer and the inherent promise of beauty within.

Fill.  Nurture.  Watch expectantly.  Enjoy.

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