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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kitchen Strainer

Kitchen Strainer   watercolor   4.5 x 6.5
is a small painting...very small.  Taping the edges allowed for a small border.  The painting was done quickly.  Perhaps its small size didn't allow for as much "investment".  And it is one of my recent favorites.  The border ran into the metal rim (which I like).  The handle is rendered in a painterly way, which only implies reality.  The challenge was to imply the mesh bowl on the strainer without providing the lines that we know are there.  Instead, I used small dots of the background implying its translucent nature. 

Less emotional investment.  Less time.  An opportunity to play.  What could be better?  Making small paintings is a terrific way to spend time....when you only have a little of it.

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