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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Green-Eyed Monster

Girl with a Green Balloon   oil   20 x 10
lies dormant in each of us, always ready to threaten our senses of well being.

I was able to procure a balloon....good for me.

But the balloon is green....that other guy had red....hmmmmm.

I think that red is better.

I am not happy and won't be until I have a red one.

Sound familiar?  Questioning ourselves is, I'm afraid, a common human condition.  But I am a true believer in elevating the internal locus of control....I am an active participant in my own life.  So............I try to be aware of the green monster urging me on.  In admiring the work of another, I allow myself to see what is yet undone in me....what is yet to come.  Oh, the possibilities!

Check out the work of artist Katie Wilson!  I am an admirer.

Reference photos for "Girl with a Green Balloon" were shot at a local street fair. 

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