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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Don't Forget to Climb-ish

Don't Forget to Climb   oil on canvas   48 x 36
I try to use the "ish" method of self-critique all along the evolution of a painting.  Too neutral-ish.  Too bright-ish.  Too broken-ish.  Too wimp-ish.  Too vague-ish.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  This method helps me to evaluate the overall feel of the work without pinpointing numerous meaningless detail or the over-reliance on reality.  My first version of this work can be seen below...the blog entry for April 30.  After living with this "finished" work for a while, I realized that it was too soft-ish.  While I love soft...soft edges and a soft mesmerizing feel, the environment of this work has to do with climbing - rocks, boulders and all things hard. was difficult to go back in and re-feel my intentions.  The overall feel needed to preside over my personal inclinations.  I was at odds....this feeling needs to be acknowledged.

One of my resolutions involves the longer consideration of try to fight the desire to be finished...

This is my final answer....I think.

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