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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Deb Drawing Me...but not feeling well

Deb Drawing Me   conte crayon and pastel on unknown bumpy paper   10 x 10
There is nothing more exhilarating than drawing and painting from life.  We hone observation skills, editing and quickness.  The relationship between the model and the artist is heightened.  Feelings are there right in front of you to take in and reciprocate.  I find that working from photo references becomes a slavish process...we can easily be mesmerized by the less important details, thinking erroneously that each and every detail should and must be included. Working and overworking these passages leads to a deadening of the overall work.

Strokes made from life are less accurate, but often more expressive...and the search for truth more impulsive.

This small drawing was completed in about an hour.  Deb, who is usually the perkiest artist in class was not feeling well.  While her feeling of malaise was nothing I would ever wish for, I am somewhat satisfied in the truth of this drawing. 

Personally, I can never understand why the viewing public seems to prefer the photo-studio smiles of the sitter.  What are we really after? 

And....Deb was feeling much better the following week.

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