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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Greetings

This image is the small watercolor greeting that was sent out to an artist in my class.  Each holiday season we put our names in a hat and draw one....making a handmade card for that person becomes, not only a painting challenge (in that we have to paint on a much smaller scale), but an opportunity to come up with a concept that  allays the joys of the season.  My inspiration comes from photos shot earlier this fall of the towering and majestic homes that grace Victorian Village in Columbus, Ohio.  "Majesty" was my motive.  While I doubt that many of the artists in the class live in homes of such immense grandeur, I feel that we tap into this same feeling of majesty that illuminates the simpler things that occur in our daily lives...a dove on a snow-covered limb, a smiling glance from a loved one across a holiday table, sharing a few laughs from a simple board game, and the sheer beauty of a simple string of colored lights.

I hope that your holiday season was majestic in some way.  I also hope that we can discover the majestic in like simple subjects throughout the coming year.

This small 5 x 7 card (Strathmore cards designed for watercolor) was taped around the edges while I painted.  I then removed the tape and painted the peak decorations to break the boundary for more interest. 

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