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Friday, May 30, 2008

Complex Color

Is there anything more complex than color relationships? (oh yeah, human relationships) On day 4 of my reduction print, I started using a violet-black mixture for the bee body. After all, that is what they look like. I guess that for me, reality is great starting point, but quickly loses speed when measured up against the power of color harmony. I found that by adding more red to the mix, the overall color harmony seemed more pleasing and I seemed happier. However, when the red mix became more red-dominant, rather than black, it seemed that the bee was less powerful, less dominant. So, throughout the rest of the run, I tried to temper the red-black mix into the right (for me) combination. Hard work. Lots to learn. Lots learned. The result is shown here and is 1/67 AP of my run.

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